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1-2-1 Dog Training

The Benefits Of One To One Dog Training Sessions : 

Whether you need one session or multiple sessions, no questions are too silly to be asked or issue too small to be tackled. We can help clear up any uncertainty you may have surrounding your dogs behaviour, general needs or their ability to lean and what they can achieve.

These sessions are useful for dog owners who need help with…

§  Settling in their dog to a new situation/environment or role.

§  Developing their skills in either obedience, working trials or dog sport

§  Overcoming a trauma or bad experiences

§  Correcting a behavioural issue that is causing stress to the dog and family.

We work with you towards a specific objective, which is broken down in to manageable tasks in each session. This type of training allows you to develop a better understanding of your dog and see what is involved in training. Learning more about the everyday challenges that many other dog owners face and the tools and techniques that are out there is a great way to help you understand what needs to be done in order to achieve the very best for your dog.

Once we have shown and guided you through the steps of how to achieve your goal, you will then be able to use your new knowledge during your practice sessions in your own time. This service can be carried out at our training venue or if required at your home and is open to all breeds.

Highly beneficial for:

§  Multiple dog household

§  Unwanted or unruly behaviours

§  Aggression shown to others or dogs when walking on lead

§  Helping dog owners to exert control

§  Developing good dog ownership skills

Sessions are £50 for 1hr at our training venue or within 5 miles

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