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Terms and Conditions

By paying to use Vale K9 Secure Dog Walking Field, you acknowledge that you agree to the field rules and terms and conditions.  Vale K9 do not accept any liability for any accident, injury or misadventure to property, persons or animals, however so caused, whilst using our facility. Please read the following terms in full before agreeing to book our field.


  • The field and all properties in the field remain the private property of Mairi and Luke Chapman, owners of Vale K9 at all times.

  • The booking is personal to the hirer and may not be transferred without informing the field owner and cannot be sublet.

  • Once a booking is made the booking is non-refundable. All bookings should be made with this in mind.

  • All bookings must be paid for in advance at the time of booking.

On Arrival

  • Please DO NOT arrive more than 15 minutes before your allocated time slot, this is to minimise on traffic and allow the previous hirer enough space and time to leave the site.

  • Please wait to right hand side of the main field access gate if there is already someone using the field.

  • Please use the relevant gate lock code to gain access to the field. Please keep the gate padlock with the gate at all times – do not put it in your pocket or leave it on the grass.

During hire period​​

  • The hirer shall ensure that noise nuisance is kept to an acceptable level while using the field.

  • All persons and their property, including dogs on the field, are there at their own risk. Vale K9 DOES NOT accept any liability for injury or damage/loss of property. The site is an open field, and the surface could be uneven. Please take care.

  • Please be aware that you or your dog(s) may sustain accidental injuries while on our premises you must agree to cover any personal or veterinary fees pertaining to yourself or your dog(s). Vale K9 will NOT accept any responsibility for the death, injury or illness of any person(s) or dog(s) whilst using our facility. You are strongly advised to insure your pet for all eventualities.

  • Vale K9 staff retain full permission to enter the land in order to carry out inspections or potential maintenance during your booking. 

  • Smoking lit cigarettes, BBQ’s & Fires ARE NOT permitted on site under any circumstances.

  • Please use our rubbish bin for occasional waste. Please use it only for emergency waste. CCTV is in operation, and fly tipping will be reported to the police. 

  • A dog poo bin is provided on site also, please use poo bags to pick up your poos. We would appreciate help in picking up any poos that you find, and so we have supplied free poo bags beside the poo bin to aid in the collection of poos. The field will be checked every 3 days to monitor the collection of poos. CCTV is in operation on the farm, and we can spot when hirers are not collecting their dog’s poos. If this is noticed, then we will send a warning message to the relevant hirer. After the second warning message you will be banned from hiring the field.

  • Dog toys / tennis balls must be removed if brought on site even if broken. Please DO NOT leave any toys of any kind in the field. This is to avoid cross contamination between dogs.

  • Children under 18 years of age are not permitted on site unless accompanied by an adult.

  • There is no toilet on site. Please ensure you take this in to consideration before arriving on site, especially with children.

  • There are NO water bowls or buckets provided on site for dogs – this is to avoid contamination between dogs and lack of top-up/supply of water. Please bring your own travel bowl and bottle of water for your dog to use. Please make sure that you take these home when leaving. 

  • The site is fully deer fenced up to six feet high. However, if your dog is an opportunist, climber, digger or high jumper, we cannot guarantee that they will not escape. Please discourage your dogs from digging or climbing on the fence. DO NOT leave your dog unattended at any time during your allocated booked slot at the field. Your dog is your responsibility, and due to the close proximity of the field to a main A-road, Vale K9 can NOT take any responsibility for dogs that manage to escape. 

  • With the site being an open, undulating grassy field with a gravel drive entrance – wheelchair access on the field is not possible unless you are using a motorised scooter. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  • There is a privacy netting on one side of the field to stop dog’s from seeing through to the adjacent field – this is in the event that there might be sheep grazing nearby. There is a two metre gap between the secure field and the adjacent field, as a security corridor to ensure that no dogs can get nose to nose with any livestock on our farm. DO NOT let your dog bite, chew or scratch at this privacy netting.

  • Any damage noticed or made to the field perimeter during your booked time slot MUST be reported to Vale K9 immediately. Please call 07766131951 or 07979602126.

Leaving site

  • When leaving please be ready to leave at your allocated finish time. To minimise disruption for the next customer’s arrival, we would recommend you allow 10 minutes to ensure you leave on time. If regular disruptive behaviour is noted, then you will not be permitted to use the field again.

  • Please ensure you have bagged and binned all of your dog poo. This is a private field, not a public space and leaving dog poo’s will not be accepted.

  • Please bin any rubbish from food or drinks in the general waste bin inside the field. All other bins on the farm are out of bounds to hirer’s and should not be used.

  • Please lock the gate behind you with the adequate gate lock code. If there are any issues with the padlock, please report this to us asap or call 07766131951 or 07979602126 

Thank you for reading and accepting these terms.

Vale K9 Team

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