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Luke Chapman - Director - Dog Trainer


Luke is a qualified Master dog trainer with GoDT (Guild of Dog Trainers), and is also a qualified canine first aider. Luke originally started working with dogs in 2009 as a security dog handler, where he worked on large scale music events and managed a team of handlers at the London Olympics. Luke has also had experience working with Police and Prison sections to deliver highly trained dogs. ​Luke is also experienced in protection training, as well as IPO Sport work, and often assists customers and those who compete with correcting or building their dogs focus and drive. 

Mairi Chapman - Director - Dog Trainer


Mairi is an accredited dog trainer with the Go​DT (Guild of Dog Trainers) and is also a qualified canine first aider. Mairi's main passion is the development of pups and youngsters from 8 weeks to 18 months old. She belives that supporting their mental growth as well as their physical is incredibly important. She wants to help owners understand the bigger picture when owning a dog, helping them with nutrition, getting the right training equipment and accessories that are suitable for your dog as it grows. She works a lot with families, helping to teach young children about how to bond with their dogs in the right way. 

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