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Walk and Train

Our dedicated team of qualified dog trainers' are on hand to offer bespoke dog training sessions, all tied in with walking your dog.
This service is ideal for dogs of all ages, especially those that have a willingness to learn, or that are in the process of developing and need attention to improve a behaviour or skill. 
How it works:

One of our team would be assigned to your dog, and this trainer would consistently work on the training for as long as was advised/agreed to achieve a result in the skill or behaviour.
These sessions are advised to be weekly to keep on top of the training and behaviours. 
Sessions can be done at your home, from your home - including around the local area. Others will involve traveling with the dog to a local location or a walking route to work on other skills - dependant on the requirements of each dog.

Sessions are £25 and include 45 mins of hands on training. 
Examples of what 'walk and train' sessions would be suitable for :
  • learning distance control on a lead progressing to off lead
  • environmental development, such as confidence around traffic, livestock or other dogs
  • learning off-lead control and recalls
  • obedience training and heelwork
  • tricks and skills
  • overcoming issues in and around the home, slippy floors or barking in the garden
  • learning to stay calm and reduce pulling when walking
To enquire about this service please contact us via the form below or email us at

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